Providing Efficient New Energy Mobility (PEN EM)

PEN EM is a foundation that aims to promote and accelerate the introduction of commercial electric aviation in the Netherlands and Europe.

Our vision

In a world with the continuing growth of demand for mobility combined with an absolute need for sustainable solutions, the aviation industry stands at the brink of going through a fundamental transition towards offering optimal environmental efficient travel at competitive fares.

Such transition commences at the short-haul distance, providing maximum added value for the regions, entailing enhanced accessibility, (socio)economic growth and improved living qualities. Therewith, a much-needed counterweight to the ongoing concentration of economic activities and population in large metropolitan areas is created.

We call it 0.0 aviation

  • 0 direct emissions, striving towards 0 lifecycle emissions
  • 0 noise disturbance

Actions to achieve our aim


Knowledge transfer

Building and establishing coalitions

Advice and consultancy

Promoting and supporting innovation

Guiding projects

5 advantages of 0.0 technology

  1. 100% emission free during operation.

  2. Operating cost per seat-mile for small electric aircraft is at least 50% lower than small fossil aircraft and comparable to 70-seat turboprop aircraft.

  3. Significant noise reduction. The new generation electric aircraft will not make more noise than a Tesla driving by at 25 meters.

  4. Very well suited for currently underutilized regional airports, allowing far better regional connectivity.

  5. Positive effects on other initiatives for sustainability.

Benefits for travellers

  • Reduced travel times: fly closer from home to closer to your destination. Especially valuable for routes with long travel times by current air network or other modalities like road, rail or ship.

  • Hassle-free: small scale travel allows for quick airport processes with much shorter boarding times.

  • More comfort: low noise and vibration due to electric propulsion and high-quality cabin.

  • Clean travel: travel without leaving an environmental footprint.

For more information

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This is the team

Gerben Broekema is a senior aviation strategist, based near Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He has 20+ years of worldwide experience in the aviation industry having worked both as an aviation expert consultant as well as in corporate management positions. He is a sought-after expert in aviation trends in particular with regard to the transformation to Aviation 2.0

Jochem Croon is an aviation lawyer and consultant. He is an acknowledged expert in EU and Dutch aviation law. His particular emphasis is on regulatory- and commercial aviation matters, including slot-regulation issues, traffic rights, governance and competition law. Jochem was General Counsel and Head of Industry Affairs at Transavia for over 12 years. He is specifically involved in entrepreneurship and is focused on structuring and setting up new activities.

Rob Wolleswinkel is a Beechcraft King Air commercial pilot, strategy consultant and investor. In his early career, he worked for Fokker Aircraft and the Royal Netherlands Airforce, followed by 22+ years as strategy consultant and managing director and partner of The Boston Consulting Group. Currently he combines his pilot career with aviation consultancy and entrepreneurship, focusing on the biggest challenge in aviation: becoming truly sustainable.

Norbert Zoet is a commercial strategist and aviation geek with more than 20 years of experience in marketing, innovation, business modelling and strategy development. Before becoming a senior consultant, he spent most of his career with Transavia at various commercial leadership roles. As a consultant, he advised various aviation organisations, knowing what it takes to set up a successful airline.

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